The fundamental mission of the Ananda Viet Foundation, Inc. (AVF) is to encourage creative literary writings - producing articles, essays and books that meet the needs of the people in order to propagate the Buddha Dharma, and to enrich the spiritual life of the general public.

AVF encourages people -- young and old, Buddhist and non-Buddhist -- to write in Vietnamese about:
  • the impacts of Buddhism on their own lives, parents, Dharma masters, friends and the world around them;
  • how they discovered, studied and practiced Buddhism;
  • how they feel a responsibility to share their faith and to preserve the world peace;
  • and anything they have seen, heard, felt, and known while living according to Dhamma.

Since our mission is to share the Buddha Dharma for greater understanding and to foster world peace, AVF  will organize yearly contest and present prizes for best literary work to honor writers.

Board of Directors


• Pha Nguyen Dang AKA Mat Nghiem

• Hai Tan Phan AKA Nguyen Giac

• Luyen Pham AKA Bao Trung

• Tai Huu Do AKA Tri Tanh

• Quang Xuan Nguyen AKA Tam Dieu




• Hai Tan Phan AKA Nguyen Giac, President/Executive Director

• Quang Xuan Nguyen AKA Tam Dieu, Secretary

• Luyen Pham AKA Bao Trung, Treasurer

• Tai Huu Do AKA Tri Tanh, Executive Officer

• Pha Nguyen Dang AKA Mat Nghiem, Executive Officer


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us:

Phone (714) 988-2681 | Email: info@thuvienhoasen.org

Address: 14902 Moran Street, Suite B Westminster, CA 92683